December 11th - 2016

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Opus Photografix, 13 Harris Street,  Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 5HU

Do you want to know how to get: 
Perfect Lighting, Natural Poses Professional Final Look?

This Christmas, Clinton Lofthouse and myself are teaming up to offer you the opportunity to really take your portrait photography to the next level!

Together we have over 10 years of experience shooting portraits and we want to share the tips and tricks we've learned along the way to teach you to SMASH IT with confidence every single time!

In the 8 hour course you'll learn:

How to use software to plan a shoot,
How to find and book models,
How to work with and pose them,
Working with studio lighting,
How to add textures to your backgrounds in Photoshop,
Editing for that final look (Dodge and burn, colour toning),
The best way to sharpen images for sharing online and printing!

+Lunch included!

If you scroll down you'll see the links to the brands sponsoring the workshop who have given us some CRAZY deals for you!

Come and join us at Opus Photografix on December 11th and change your photography forever!

Book Now! - £150

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Up to 50% discounts from:

Elixxier Software,
Canon of Design,
Gravity Backdrops,

+Maximum Laughter!

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BOOK NOW! -£150

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