A great retoucher is a visual surgeon, someone who understands the depth and complexities of an image, and can make it as simple and enjoyable for your client as possible. It's my job as a retoucher to remove any distractions tastefully, and invisibly, to avoid damaging the integrity of your beautiful work.

I'd love to work with you on your next project. If you feel the same, please stop by my contact page and get in touch. -JP


DIYPhotography, Cakes & Sugarcraft-UK, Grazia - UK, Jute, La Plus Belle, Lucy's, Photoshoot, Trash, Vogue - Italia, Wicked Vision, Wonderland - UK  


Birmingham N.E.C - The Photography Show
Smugmug - Passion Against All Odds
Smugmug - Post Processing: Epic Tips
Viney Hill Photography Club - Tips to Succeed

Forced Testimonial

Marketing Guru of RGGEDU Matthew Seidel says:  

"Joe you made my day. I gave you what I thought was a very difficult task with a cut-throat deadline and you delivered perfect results in no time. Crushed it. Quote me on your website, I dare you." -Matt Seidel

And much like a dare, with a spice of humour, I enjoy a challenge ;)

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